Apollo’s Daycare System is designed with the needs of preschool and daycare providers in mind. In an emergency the information needs to get out in a hurry, and you need to make sure everyone gets the message. Apollos Daycare System get a message out to everyone in seconds, letting you focus at the task at hand. The system will try to contact everyone via Phone Call, Text Message, and Email. The system is bidirectional so parents or guardians can respond to the message. The incoming messages can be routed to multiple people. With the Daycare System, you set up a distribution list, so all incoming messages are delivered to everyone on the distribution list.

The Apollo Day Care System is easy to use and is Cloud based so you can access it anywhere from any device. There is no software to download or install. Just go to the URL, login and you are all set. Once the system is set up and you register your outgoing phone, you can send messages directly from your phone, or Outlook. Give it a try.

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  • Send broadcast notifications out using phone calls, text messages, and email.
  • No Cell Phone Required.
  • Unlimited messaging.
  • Dedicate phone number for receiving incoming text messages.
  • Distribution lists for incoming text messages.
  • Cloud based messaging allows you to send messages from any device from any location.
  • Broadcast message to 100’s of contacts in seconds
  • Have a record of every message sent and received
  • Built on Raid 10 server technology to maximize uptime
  • Send text messages right from MS outlook or any standard email account (i.e. Gmail, Hotmail).
  • Compatible with all operating systems, Windows, Mac, IPad, Android. Send and receive messages from PC, tablet, or Phone


  • Anytime, anywhere access to your master contact list and messaging.
  • Staff members do not need to use there personal phones to send out text messages
  • Incoming messages can be distributed to multiple people to ensure that someone get the message
  • Contacts will receive any or all forms of communication: Phone Call, Text Message, Email. To ensure that the contact gets the message
  • Messages can be sent to a single person or the complete contact list.
  • Publish a texting phone number that is not a personal phone
  • Forward incoming text messages to a phone or an email distribution list.
  • Nothing to install, or configure, just load your data and you are all set


  • Weather notifications
  • School closings
  • Emergencies
  • General information notification
  • Receive incoming messages from parents
  • Questions about care – i.e. Medication dosage or diet
  • Parents can text in late pickup notices

The System

Send Messages to Select Individuals or The Complete List

From any device: PC, Mac, IPad, Phone, or Chromebook you can login to the Day Care Messaging App and send a message. You can send a message to the entire list or just a the individuals that you select. The system will instantly send out a text message, email message, and make a phone call t in just a matter of seconds

Each contact can be set up to receive one, two or all three methods of communication. By using all three modes of communication you have the best chance of reaching you contact quickly

For Your Records

Every message sent and received by the system is recorded with a time and date stamp. This way you always have a record of all your communications.

The list can be printed or exported to an excel spreadsheet. The system has an easy way to sort and filter out just the records you want.